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Customer Privacy Policy

Because Robot Morning works with companies on both sides of a customer/supplier relationship as well as with companies that are competitors, it is necessary to have a defined Customer Privacy Policy. Robot Morning finds itself in a position that presents opportunities for positive communication between and about its Customers. That same position also presents a […]

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Closed Sales Order Exception

Every once in a while, you may see an exception in your DemandLine Client’s exception report stating something like this: Could not process customer PO P12345 because there are no open sales orders; found closed sales order SO987 Upon investigation, you see that sales order SO987 is indeed closed and has no open lines or […]

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Schedule Transaction Best Practices

This document describes the best practices for your DemandLine schedule transactions. There are several references in this document to the configuration of your DemandLine schedules in the Partner Relationships view of DemandLine. This is Administrator functionality. To access the Partner Relationships view, follow these steps: Open the DemandLine menu Go to ‘Administration’ Select ‘Partner Relationships’ […]

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Robot Morning Practices

This document contains summary information on Robot Morning’s development, security, and compliance practices. Contact your account contact if you require more detailed information. Our Development Practices Source Code Management Robot Morning uses Git as our source code management tool. We retain a full history of all code changes for the life of all of our […]

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When to Block Customer Demand Changes

Handling customer demand changes is probably one of your biggest daily challenges. It feels like your customers are asking the impossible: dropping in past-due demand and penalizing you for not delivering it on time, pulling demand inside lead time and asking why later deliveries were delayed, and pushing demand out while wondering why you didn’t […]

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DemandLine Client Operational Data

This document provides information about Operational Data, including

– What Operational Data is
– How DemandLine gathers Operational Data
– How DemandLine uses Operational Data
– What is included in Operational Data sent to customers
– How to enable, disable, and specify Operational Data sent to your customers
– Common questions about Operational Data

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