We take your largest data challenges and turn them into your greatest advantage

Robot Morning creates software that automates & analyzes the data exchanged between you, your customers and your suppliers.

Our Ecosystem


A fully-independent network for the authentication, normalization, transportation and delivery of data with your customers and suppliers. Communications with the network are fully encrypted and are sent over dedicated data channels.


DemandLine connects to your ERP and uses AXON to automate your customer’s data while providing analytics about changes in their demand. DemandLine saves you time, saves you money, and speeds up your manufacturing.


SupplyLine is a web-based SCM and supplier portal that enables you to see the full picture of your supply chain. Suppliers can get your contracts and demand, and they provide their production plans and shipment notifications in return. SupplyLine also uses AXON to allow your suppliers who have DemandLine to automate their connection to you.

What is AXON?

AXON is an industry-wide network for moving data in your supply chain.

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