End-of-Life Policy

Robot Morning's end-of-life policy:

  • We will announce the end-of-life date for a version of our commercial software at least six months prior to the end-of-life date
  • When a version reaches its end-of-life date, the following will change
    • Bug fixes will no longer be issued for that version
    • Training will no longer be provided for that version
    • Documentation will no longer be updated for that version
    • The software will not be guaranteed to work with newer versions of AXON

The policy covers:

  • DemandLine Client
    • Uses AXON to automate your customers' demand schedules, ASNs, commit/promise dates, and operational data
  • DemandLine Shipping
    • Kiosk used by your shipping department to manage shipments through your shipping process
  • SupplyLine
    • Manages your procure-to-pay process
  • SupplyLine Client
    • Sends your demand schedules to your SupplyLine instance, gets your suppliers' operational data and ASNs from SupplyLine
  • SupplyLine Receiving
    • Kiosk used by your receiving department to receive ASNs your suppliers create in SupplyLine
  • USS
    • Manages your procure-to-pay process
  • ControlRoom
    • Tools for your internal business and manufacturing processes

EOL Version List

You can find an up-to-date list of all of Robot Morning's commercial software versions that have reached end-of-life on our website: https://robotmorning.com/eol-versions

Version EOL and Security

The variety and sophistication of threats to software is ever-evolving. Old versions of software that are kept in use become increasingly vulnerable to novel threats. The response by software companies like Robot Morning must also evolve.

We have an obligation to ensure that all of our customers are protected. New versions of our software contain security improvements that are important for the overall security of the supply chain network you are a part of. It is important that Robot Morning keep our customers updated to the newest versions available.

Our software EOL policy is here to make it obvious when you may be running versions of Robot Morning software that are no longer considered state-of-the-art. It's also here to discourage companies from running outdated versions of our software and putting the supply network at risk.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check what my current versions are?

If you don't have the About menu item mentioned in these instructions, ask Robot Morning which versions you're running

  1. Sign in to your Robot Morning software
  2. Click on the robot button at the top-left of the page
  3. Select About

A window will open showing the versions of Robot Morning software you're running.

How do I see what upcoming EOLs are?

Go to the end-of-life version list on our website: https://robotmorning.com/eol-versions

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